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October 5th, 2005

12:39 am
My mom signed up for TLC beacause she knows how much I love their paper. When she signed I found out that the monthly minimum to buy or sell is only $25. If you sign up for the artist choice it covers the minimum and you get 2 cool kits every month. That is so cool. So you get a discount, plus store credit on what you buy or sell and only $25 minimum. I alway spend over $25 a month on scrapbooking stuff! I can't wait to have enough for the starter kit. I am so signing up too. I have enough for the main starter kit cause it is only $49 but I really want the add on starter kit too. There is a ton of stuff in the 2 kits at like 1/2 off. It is so worth signing up. Check it out!!!


Current Mood: pleasedpleased

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September 1st, 2005

09:28 pm
Which do you spend most of your time at 2Ps?

Mine would be the boards, in this order:
The Pub
The Peanut gallery
General Scrapping

On the plus side, I am going to a crop tomorrow night at the Archivers in the town where I work. I haven't really shopped for scrap supplies lately. Anyone have anything new and exciting that I should look for (and buy)?
Current Mood: awake

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July 19th, 2005

04:06 am - Did everyone give up on this board?
:( Should I put a link in my siggy on 2peas?

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July 14th, 2005

09:24 pm - Very Cool Scrapbooking Board
Tons of information!
Just found it tonight.

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June 27th, 2005

10:07 am - Hello and Intro
Hi everyone, I new here, and a fairly new scrapper, although I've been invloved in collage and altered arts for about three years. Here's my intro:

Peaname: CrisinNY

Call me: Cris

How long have you been scrapping: Two Months

Favourite subjects: my DC, DH and everyday moments

Do you consider yourself to have a style: I love anything vintage, but my style is definitely simple. I don't have lots of time to create "works of art". I just want to create memories.

Favourite scrap companies: BasicGrey, Bazzill, AL, Chatterbox

Favourite embellishments: Ribbon and any kind of alphabet set (Stamp, sticker, die cut)

Favourite colour combinations: anything with black, monochromatic, pink and brown

Random facts: I live in New York (Long Island), my favorite magazines are Romantic Homes, Creating Keepsakes, and Somerset Studio. I love being a stay-at-home-mom, I love anything vintage and old-fashioned. My website: http://www.picturetrail.com/vintageartist

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June 4th, 2005

01:03 am
::: What is everyone working on at this particular point? :::

. I am working on finally putting my highschool albums together and then hopefully on my shelf SOON! but I did just finishe my entry into the 20 something cj... here it is...

My entry into Madeline's 20 something CJCollapse )

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May 26th, 2005

11:34 pm - Blah!
Just got done re sorting all my pattern papers...I've got to slow down on buying paper! They fill up 9 of those Target cube grids! That's waaaay too much for someone who doesn't have kids...lol....

So which top 5 Paper companies can you not live without??

1. KI Memories
2. American Crafts
3. S.E.I.
4. Scrapworks
5. Bazzill
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: Someday - Nickelback

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May 19th, 2005

09:20 am
Thought you all might get a kick out of this Funny.
A NON scrapper friend of mine sent it to me.
I think it is pretty accurate! haha.

Wife says to husband...
"Look - I got invited to a 'party' and I won't have to buy a basket, or
jewelry, or candles, or even another plastic container!

This party is different because I'm going to MAKE a page for a scrapbook!

I'm going to learn how to put all those pictures we keep in a box into a
photo album that will last lifetimes!"

FOR YEARS AFTERWARDS what can be heard in the home:

-"How much can a pair of scissors cost? And why do you need an entire
cutting system if you bought scissors?"

-"The photo album was HOW MUCH? You HAD to get a paper trimmer too?
Then please tell me ..what are the scissors for?"

-"How many magazines do you need to buy to be INSPIRED? And what's with all
this paper?"

-"You want what for your birthday? A xyron? What the heck is a xyron?"

-"I don't understand why you need a digital camera. The 35mm I bought after
college works just fine."

-"OUCH!!!! I just stepped on one of your %&*(*&% eyelets! "

-"MORE paper? You haven't even used up what you got already!"

-"First the camera, then the printer, what's next a scanner?"

-"I see..so if we get these target cubes you'll be able to see the paper you
have and then you won't have to buy anymore?"

-"Son, how many times have I told you - You CANNOT play with MOMMY's

-"I don't get it ..why do we have to go to Lowes to get paint chips if we
aren't doing any painting around here?"

-"Don't worry sweetie..we won't tell Mommy you borrowed her stickers to make
Barbie look pretty."

-"You had a 40% off coupon and you still spent over $100??"

-"What do you need all this yarn for? You don't even knit! Do you?"

-"No dear. I do not know how to scan and stitch. Maybe someone on YOUR
message board can help you there."

-"Who took Daddy's sandpaper?"

-"It's 11PM. Isn't that layout done YET?"

-"Shhh..don't tell Daddy that Mommy borrowed his sandpaper."

-"Yes, I guess we can stop at that cute little scrapbook store during our

-"You're going to take a crap? I meant going to a crop... nevermind."


-"So who is this Becky Higgins and what's the big deal about her? She an
actress or something?"

-"I thought you already had a sewing machine. So what's this one for?"

-"No..I've never printed on vellum before..YES..I can help you figure out
the right printer settings..but what the heck is vellum?"

-"Queen of the week doesn't mean you won't still make dinner, right?
Right? Whew."

-"You just joined a what? A swap? I'm really happy for you honey."

And the hardest one of all...

-"Where did all these boxes of pictures come from...I thought you were going
to put them all in a scrapbook! "

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07:34 am - *waves*
Peaname: islandgirlsj

Call me: Lisa

How long have you been scrapping: Since I was born?? Hehe.. Okay, so I have been a scrapper on and off most of my life. :)

Favourite subjects: Family of course!

Do you consider yourself to have a style: I'm not sure I have a style, but I'm a clean and simple kinda girl. I love embellishments, and fibers. If I had a style I guess it would be a lot like Becky Higgins or Heidi Swapp. Then again, I love the distressed look, and have gotten into Altered books and journals lately. So you name it, I've probably tried it! :)

Favourite scrap companies: BasicGrey, My Minds Eye (Asparagus paper ROCKS!), SEI, Sassafras, Bazzill, 7 Gypsies

Favourite embellishments: Ribbons, tags, brads and eyelets

Favourite colour combinations: Blues & greens I guess. Then again, I love pink and brown, Reds/Oranges/Yellows. Ha :)

Random facts: I spend way too much money on scrap supplies, stamping supplies, and anything art related. I have my own scrapbooking Co., I have two Children, a 16 year old daughter, and a 12 year old Son, and am currently going through In-vitro to have another child... YIKES! I love photography, I am a avid Stamper, and belong to WAY to many scrapbooking and stamping groups!

Post a fun picture:
I'm in love with this funny picture right now, as we just had our puppy fixed and she has to wear this cone on her poor head! Haha.

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May 18th, 2005

01:52 pm - mintygirl/heystamplady's intro
Peaname: heystamplady

Call me: Shauna

How long have you been scrapping: I don't actually. I'm a stamper! I moderate stamping and go to 2peas to keep up with my scrapping buddies. I post my stamped projects there occasionally but more often within my own comm, shauniedesigns

Favourite subjects: retro, fun, animals

Do you consider yourself to have a style: eclectic with strong leanings for retro

Favourite companies: In terms of paper, I love SEI, Baisc Grey, KI Memories, Memory Box, American Crafts and a bunch of others. I love Making Memories for embellishments and brads. I like small family owned companies for rubber stamps such as the Cat's Pajamas and SunSpiritStudio.com (doesn't hurt I'm on the design team!).

Favourite embellishments: ribbon, mini-brads, metal embellishments (especially copper), fibers, punched simple shapes (circles, squares, tags)

Favourite colour combinations: monochromatic, similiar colors (like red + orange), classy combos (pink/brown, blue/brown, mint/brown), brights with pastels (basically all colors!)

Random facts: I've been on LiveJournal 5 years but 2peas 5 months.

Post a fun picture:


From a recent trip with my boyfriend in San Francisco.

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