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My mom signed up for TLC beacause she knows how much I love their… - The Pea Pod

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October 5th, 2005

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12:39 am
My mom signed up for TLC beacause she knows how much I love their paper. When she signed I found out that the monthly minimum to buy or sell is only $25. If you sign up for the artist choice it covers the minimum and you get 2 cool kits every month. That is so cool. So you get a discount, plus store credit on what you buy or sell and only $25 minimum. I alway spend over $25 a month on scrapbooking stuff! I can't wait to have enough for the starter kit. I am so signing up too. I have enough for the main starter kit cause it is only $49 but I really want the add on starter kit too. There is a ton of stuff in the 2 kits at like 1/2 off. It is so worth signing up. Check it out!!!


Current Mood: pleasedpleased

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Date:May 29th, 2009 04:36 pm (UTC)
My favorite website right now for organizing scrapbooking products is: http://theoriginalscrapbox.com They have these great units that are compact and have a place everything. And the best part, you can hide the supplies out of site when you need to. Check them out.

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