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The Pea Pod

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May 18th, 2005

04:25 pm
Peaname: Lycheebean

Call me: Jenny

How long have you been scrapping: off and on since 95' but really got into it about 3yrs ago

Favourite subjects: family,friends,bf Mark, and his yorkie Rex!

Do you consider yourself to have a style: umm.. I love clean lines and have a hard time with collage..

Favourite scrap companies: KI Memories, American Crafts, SEI, Bazzill, Making Memories,

Favourite embellishments: Mini circle & square brads, eyelets, snaps, RIBBON

Favourite colour combinations: I have a ton but lovin' brown alot with everything lately

Random facts: I have 13 albums going... don't think I'll ever finish :)

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May 17th, 2005

03:44 pm - Hello!
Hello everyone! Here's my intro. :D

Peaname: ZacksMama

Call me: Sarah

How long have you been scrapping: Two years

Favourite subjects: My family

Do you consider yourself to have a style: I like straight lines and lots of embellishments.

Favourite scrap companies: Bazzill, MME (Wild Asparagus), Autumn Leaves, Making Memories, 7 Gypsies

Favourite embellishments: Eyelets, brads, ink

Favourite colour combinations: Pink and brown, light blue & brown, bright orange and royal blue, gray and black.

Random facts: I'm into rc cars, puzzles, eBay, and running. I recently got my own scraproom! I'm just starting out selling my work (albums and pages) on eBay, and I eventually want to have my own business as a scrapbook artist making custom scrapbooks for people.

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May 14th, 2005

12:10 pm
Hi Peas!

Just saw the LJ link in someone's Pea sig and thought I'd check it out!

I'm _betsy_ or Betsy pretty much everywhere. I'm a digiscrapper and I journal here on LJ - I think that might mean I spend too much time on the computer, but... eh... I love it!

Nice to find this community!

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May 10th, 2005

12:35 am
hi! i'll do a longer intro later -- just wanted to let you know i'm here ;-) (i'm rothko at two peas and pretty much everywhere else too.)

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May 1st, 2005

02:48 am - Info and my Intro
Hello everyone!

I just wanted to clarify this is an open community at this time, so you can just add yoruself by going toThe User Info Page and clicking on the link under the words "Community Info" that says "click here".

So far, obviously, the community is pretty slow. Hopefully we can get some Peas over here and start chatting away and sharing out personal blogs.

If you would like to post a little intro that would be lovely something like:

Peaname: ImPEAria

Call me: Imp, Impy...pretty much anything non insulting!

How long have you been scrapping: About a year

Favourite subjects: My DD mostly

Do you consider yourself to have a style: Clean and Simple (a la Cathy Z.) most of the time, but I do like my embelishments (ribbon!)

Favourite scrap companies: BasicGrey, KI Memories, Sassafras Lass, Bazzill.

Favourite embellishments: Ribbon and Alphabet stuff

Favourite colour combinations: Pink and brown, orange and hot pink or orange and blue.

Random facts: I love baseball, photography and reading. I live in Nevada and spend way too much money on scrap supplies. I currently belong to 4 scrapbook kit clubs, and I am on the DT for Scrapgoods.

Anything else you want to add: I am totally nosy which is why I love blogs!

Post a fun picture:

Nice to meet everyone!

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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April 24th, 2005

12:07 am - Welcome Message
Welcome Pea-ple!

Since blogging has become all the rage on Two Peas I thought it might be fun to start a community blog for all of us blog addicted Peas! This is ImPEAria from 2peas, and I have actually been blogging longer than Pea-ing! My blog is motsly friends only entries, but if you want me to add you just leave me a message and let me know you're a pea! Feel free to post stuff about scrapping, or NSBR stuff too. Just be respectful and have fun. Posting LOs is fine but use a cut if you post more than a couple of pictures.

Here is a link to our info page. The icon was made by the talented *spiderella* !
Current Mood: creative

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