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The Pea Pod

A blog for Pea-ple

ThePea Pod-A Community Blog for Peas on LJ
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This is a community for Pea-ple who LOVE the website Two Peas in a Bucket.

Two Peas is a site dedicated to all things scrapbooking and photography related. Even you are not a member of Two Peas we welcome you to become a member here, but go ahead and check out Two Peas In a Bucket, you'll love it. Feel free to post about anything related to scrapping: products, club kits, your lay outs,magazone or design team calls, great web sites, what you bought today, etc. NSBR (non scrapbook related) posts are welcome, as long as you don't get too snarky (like some of the posts on the NSBR board on Two Peas!)

Please introduce yourself when you join. If you're a Pea you can post your Pea name if you like. We welcome you to post LOs and photos , but if you post more than a couple, please use an LJ cut for our friends on dial up! If you don't know how to do an an LJ cut check HERE.